Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Okay, I had plans...let's say delusions of posting daily here as I knit my way to Christmas. Obviously that did not about an update as I and many of us while enjoying the holiday season find it hard to find time to fit it all in. Here is my knit gift list progress to date. Two older nieces: one wrapped, one needing to be assembled and hour probably to complete. Two nephews: one hat done and unwrapped, one on the needles. Little niece, and my Mom: done and wrapped. My aunt: done but unwrapped. My uncle I purchase a gift...cheated. My 2 sisters: one completed and mailed...I rock...and one on needles...she is coming here for Christmas so that buys me some extra time. My Dad...the man you can't buy for but you can make is the oh my child made me a gift still works with him despite my advanced age...I will let you fill in the age...not even started. In addition I made a MaryJayne doll for one of my daughter's friends. While things haven't gone exactly as planned with 4 qdays to go I think I will actually make it!

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