Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing MaryJayne

Meet MaryJayne!

Inspired by my grandmother Jayne's love of dolls and my grandmother Mary's fashion sense, MaryJayne would love to have a tea party with you!

Additional clothing patterns will be on the way very shortly!  I am having almost as much fun designing her clothes as I did designing her.  The pattern includes the doll, her pink dress and of course her Mary Jane shoes.  I will be posting design tips over the next couple weeks and sharing the things I learned along the way making her. 

As for meeting her namesakes....So far Jayne loves her, and Mary has yet to meet her.  I'll report back on their first meeting.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Supporting a Knit Doll's Neck

In my design process I searched various web sites looking for a way to support MaryJayne's neck.  Without support her head just flops right over with the weight of her hair.  Some web sites suggested elaborate metal spines.  I found the most practical option to be a Q-tip.  Yes, a Q-tip.  Take a Q-tip, wrap it in light colored fabric to the width of the neck.  After you stuff the head, insert the Q-tip and fabric support...stuff the body and you have a supported head that will stay upright.  I did find that stuffing the head, inserting the support and then stuffing around the support a bit was helpful.  Hope that helps when you get ready to make your MaryJayne.  More doll tips to come...stay tuned!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dolls in Progress

Keep in mind the bald dolls and those lacking clothing are incomplete.  This photo shows my progress on shaping MaryJayne.  I am having a blast, but again creating quite a doll collection.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am currently designing a doll.  The concept for this project came primarily from my grandmothers.  One loves dolls and the other has a wonderful sense of style.  I wanted to combine those two elements and create a stylish doll incorporating the work ethic and appreciation for handmade items I believe were valued while my grandmothers were growing in during the Great Depression.  I have loved every minute of this project and have admittedly been a bit obsessed from the moment I put pen to paper and yarn to needle.  My lovely doll has a growing wardrobe, several hairstyle options, and her various shapes and the techniques used to create those shapes have created to a growing pile of dolls my daughters are coveting.  I plan to “release” her to the world in late September, and I have of course named her after my grandmothers, Mary and Jayne. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Changes in Yarn Weight and Needle Size

I am designing my first doll.  I have found a basic shape I like, and while looking for the perfect shape I have been experimenting with yarn weight and needle size.  I love how the change in needle size or the change in yarn alters the finished project.  By the time I’m done I will have a sizeable doll collection.  If you know anyone who needs a hand knit doll, please let me know. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Projects

Where to begin.  I have two new patterns I am working on at once.  Both have been in my idea book and floating in my head for quite some time.  One is a pillow incorporating not quite intarsia and change in stitch to add texture to present the design.  The second is a doll, named after my grandmothers MaryJayne.  I have two complete early versions and at least two in the works still with alterations to the pattern.  I have been knitting to the point where I expect my needles to go up in flames at any moment.  More on the fun design process of these two projects to come.