Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am currently designing a doll.  The concept for this project came primarily from my grandmothers.  One loves dolls and the other has a wonderful sense of style.  I wanted to combine those two elements and create a stylish doll incorporating the work ethic and appreciation for handmade items I believe were valued while my grandmothers were growing in during the Great Depression.  I have loved every minute of this project and have admittedly been a bit obsessed from the moment I put pen to paper and yarn to needle.  My lovely doll has a growing wardrobe, several hairstyle options, and her various shapes and the techniques used to create those shapes have created to a growing pile of dolls my daughters are coveting.  I plan to “release” her to the world in late September, and I have of course named her after my grandmothers, Mary and Jayne. 


  1. The suspense is terrible. Really looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. I promise to post photos soon...thanks for being in suspense!