Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Button Choice is important

Buttons can make or brake a finished project.  MaryJayne's Swing coat is a wonderful example.  Simple buttons are not at all a bad thing, but if you want to dress up or dress down an item...buttons can change the look of a garment completely. 
The buttons here are more casual and make the coat a better spring garment because of their flower motif. 

These buttons dress up the coat.

Size makes a big difference too.  Obviously you need buttons that fit the holes and the size of the garment.  The larger the buttons the more attention they will receive as well. 

Next time you go to the store to pick out buttons for a finished knitting project...remember the buttons can change the garment.  It may be worth spending a few more dollars to get the right buttons, and the right buttons may not always be the expensive ones.  Don't be afraid to bring your finished project with you to the store and hold the buttons up to the item.


  1. Oh I love buttons and your choices have made the coat look so good.

  2. I love it when people have button collections..they are so pretty