Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've Made Another Discovery

I’ve made another discovery!  One that I am sure someone else made ages ago, but once again forgot to tell me.  I wonder if it was made by the same person who discovered the perfect dishcloth but forgot to tell me?  My big current revelation is a garter stitch scarf knit from stretchy sock yarn.  I know…huge discovery!  I’m using Pattons Stretch Socks a superfine yarn made from 41% cotton, 39%wool, 13% nylon and 7% elastic.  Elastic is great!  On my size four needles this is not a “quick” scarf.  I feel as if I’ve been working on it for ages truth be told, but it keeps me busy and has made a great grab and go project.  (See The Simple Joy of the Garter Stitch Scarf posted April 13, 2011.) 

The ah-ha for me with this project is multifaceted.  First as I just stated it has kept me busy for quite some time (both a good and a bad thing).  Second the stretch and drape of the fabric I’m creating is just luscious in my opinion.  Third, it creates a scarf that works well in warmer limits and feels more sophisticated than a bulky winter scarf.  If you are a scarf knitter, and if you knit, who doesn’t knit a scarf now and then, I strongly recommend grabbing some stretch fine sock yarn on your next trip to the yarn or craft store.  Grab thus smaller needles and make this light weight wonderfully draping scarf.  And if you find out who discovered this gem before I did, please let me know.  I am sure he or she could save me some time by revealing his or her treasure trove of discoveries and save me the time and aggravation of finding them myself. 

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