Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Designing One Pattern Leads to Another

While working on MaryJayne, (I promise to discuss something other than MaryJayne before Christmas) I had a wonderful time designing her clothes.  As her inspiration was my two grandmothers and one is very fashionable, it makes sense that her clothes were an important aspect of the design.  My first "dress" I simply cast-on and started to knit.  I had no idea what type of clothing I was designing for this poor little doll.  It turned into a coat very quickly.  As I knit I developed MaryJayne's swing coat.  (The pattern will be out in the next month or so for the coat.) The coat grew from a few garter stitch rows to include bell arms and quite a flare in the body.  I love the coat so much, as do others who have seen it, that I have decided to write the pattern for the MaryJayne's Swing Coat for children and adults too.  I guess knitting the coat for the doll didn't lead to an entirely new pattern, but it lead to a new idea...designing the outfit for life sized people.  I just love how knitting opens doors you don't expect when you cast on....

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  1. Swing coats - so elegant. I have always loved them. Can't wait to see the patterns.